Photograph of Edythe Richards

I’ve invested my life in helping midlife career changers find – and sustain – meaningful employment.

I believe in people’s potential to:

  • Align work with values and skills
  • Communicate with integrity
  • Be inspiring to others
  • Lead productive and satisfying lives

When you get the most out of your career, you’ll be able to live your best life. 

The advice you’ll find here is based on my nearly 20 years working with regular people who, for whatever reason, struggled at work or in their careers. I’ve been in your shoes. I was laid off. I’ve been in unhealthy work environments. I’ve struggled finding the right career fit for my personality. I’m convinced that Emotional Intelligence drives our decisions, our relationships, and our successes.

A Top Career

Whether you are out of work, unhappy in your job or facing unemployment – we have solutions that can help. With over 2 decades of counselling experience dont YOU deserve A Top Career?

EQ at Work

Emotional Intelligence improves lives. Edythe is currently working on a new podcast series, EQ At Work – keep an eye out for the first episodes.
Coming Soon.

MBTI Podcast

The home of Myers-Briggs Question Corner – 100 episodes of season one. We also have podcasts relating to being out of work plus a special career show for every MBTI Type.